Death Star Graphics

I absolutely love sci GUI’s and HUD’s. Especially minimalist abstract ones. Rogue One is probably my favourite Star Wars film and I adored the Death Star interface graphics. They stayed true to the originals but were crips and in High Definition.

One of my favs is an abstract “explosion” looking thing presumably to calculate blast radius / debris or something from firing the weapon on a planet. Doesn’t really matter, it looks really cool.

Here’s a shot of it below in the OT from

I found a few references online and some still images from Rogue One and decided to make my own version. Plain black and white. It makes a really cool wallpaper and I might get it on a canvas or t-shirt print.

My version

Created in Affinity Designer in around 40 mins. I plan to recreate some more asap 🙂 Bonus one from Rogue one below.