Daily Routine

I’ve struggled a long time with trying to do too may things at once. I’d get into something and then get obsessed, buy all the gear or materials or whatever is needed and go all out for a few months and then something else would catch my attention.

What ends up happening is that I try to do too many things and make too many goals for myself at once and I end up doing nothing then. To try get around this I’ve come up with a small few tasks that I try to do every day if I can and building up those over weeks will hopefully lead to gradual improvements.

Generally the weekends can be hit or miss but I really try to make sure on the week days I try to do my tasks. Below is what I try to do every day.

  • Read ~30mins
  • Learn Irish ~20mins
  • Meditate 10 mins
  • 20 Pushups (10 when I wake, 10 before bed)

So the goals that I have are

  1. Read as many books as possible. Putting aside half an hour a day to continue reading my current book gives me a confidence boost that I’ve kept at it and I’m making progress. Obviously if I’m enjoying it I’ll read for longer but I just try to read 30 mins as a minimum
  2. I’m going to try write more on this but I’m relearning Irish with the goal of becoming fluent or at least competent in normal conversation as soon as possible.
  3. Generally I don’t feel I need to meditate, I never really feel that things are getting on top of me and I need space to myself or anything like that. I just like the idea of meditating and I’ve been looking more into the benefits of Nasal breathing and this is a good opportunity for me to remind myself to do that each day. Having said all the above I nearly always feel great after a meditation when I’ve done it right.
  4. Can’t forget about those gains. No real goal here but doing something physical first thing in the morning and last things at night (not like that :P) gives me a good sense of accomplishment for the day. Quality, not quantity.